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The "It Girl" Formula

The "It Girl" Formula

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Learn how to become universally desirable and attract everything wanted.

Learn how to finally step into your main character energy.

In society, girls are always taught to shrink themselves down, and if they decide to step into their power, they're instantly challenged by everyone around them who's threatened by their femininity and boldness because society hasn't done the inner work to self-accept.

No more of that.

It's time for you to heal your subconscious and start attracting everything that you desire. Whatever you want is within reach, and this ebook will show you how to get it.

This in-depth eBook with personalized videos and secret resources will teach you how to:

- Receive in your balanced feminine energy and become the universe's spoiled princess

- Step into your fun, flirty, and fresh divine feminine energy

- Level up your beauty, your mind, and your finances

- Use your own energy and thoughts to control your reality

- Become obsessed with falling in love with yourself (And watch the world fall in love with you!)

- Find your own aesthetic and hone your personal style

- Become the abundant queen you were truly meant to be

- Start your own online business as a boss baby (;

This is a transformational eBook, meaning you will be instructed to follow certain practices and will walk away with RESULTS.

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