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Microinfluencing: Monetizing and Optimizing Social Media To Live Your Dreams in the Digital Age

Microinfluencing: Monetizing and Optimizing Social Media To Live Your Dreams in the Digital Age

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Hey innovator,

Do you want to learn how to monetize and optimize your social media?

Are you someone that:

🎬 Wants to capitalize off their creativity?

🎬 Wants to be able to use new and innovative marketing strategies in order to promote your personal vision or purpose?

🎬 Wants to be able to take their business digital, to truly be your own boss through the process of learning, studying, and evolving - both on a personal and professional level?

🎬 Wants to be able to set the foundations for personal success for years to come?

🎬 Wishes to inspire others, or have a humanitarian spirit?

🎬 Wishes to serve others publicly in your own unique way?

🎬 Wants to explore their infinite potential as a content creator, an idea creator, and an expressive innovator?


....If you answered YES to any of these questions, this ebook is for you.

Everybody posts on social media, but no one teaches you how to actually monetize from it in one comprehensive guidebook, like an influencer would. Everyone with a following is an influencer, because an influencer has influence, and influence is a responsibility to self and others.

🎙️ That's why we believe that anyone can be an influencer, because everyone has a unique vision and a unique story to bring to the world.

🔥 We also believe in being constant students of life, so that we can teach others what we know, and keep paying it forward in that way.

That's why we compiled this handy e-book for all current or aspiring content creators.

What's included:

✅ How to pick your online market or niche

✅ How to expand your social media reach

✅ How to optimize your social media profiles

✅ How to contact brands to pitch yourself, your business, and your services

✅ How to negotiate and set rates

✅ The legal and licensing side of running your own business

✅ Taxes, how to file taxes depending on the size of your business, and how to send customers invoices

I'll also answer any questions or concerns you have about growing your social media account(s).

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After making your purchase, you'll receive a link to the downloadable e-book.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds or returns are available.

DM Seema on Instagram at @seemagenche for questions.

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