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May 2024: Aligning With Abundance

May 2024: Aligning With Abundance

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Abundance exists within all of us. We have not been taught how to tap into our natural abundance because of a system that is heavily reliant on our social conditioning in order for it to function. By opening the line of connection between our current reality and our inner abundant state, we can experience our highest level of abundance and become open to receive from various channels and sources.

Rearrange the way you experience abundance. Redefine what money and abundance means to you. Find new ways to receive abundance by opening creative channels within yourself. Heal the sacral and root chakra and understand how past traumas relate to your current karmic experiences of wealth. Learn how to be open to receive and give.


The Aligning with Abundance Course launches 5/1/24.


- daily livestreams 

- evening meditations 3x a week

- weekly workshops

- daily inspiration

- community support and accountability

- live lectures

- access to the Aligning with Abundance facebook page & complimentary access to all @seemaverse created resources

Course structure:

The Worldseema © course is hosted on a private instagram page (@ai.seema). Classes are live but saved to igtv to access content when it's convenient for you. All members will have access to material from the previous courses throughout the 4 weeks. The account is a private and safe space for members from 5/1-5/30.

*All sales final. Please check your email after signing up to receive instructions on how to gain access to the instagram page!*

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